With our rebrandable text messaging platform you can add text messaging services into your marketing mix to earn revenues while making your clients more successful!
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Agency Benefits

Are you an advertising agency interested in SMS marketing? If you are, we have the solution for you!

TextLane allows agencies to white label our platform. Conduct campaigns on behalf of your clients with powerful features that produce results. Or, because our white label solution is branded with your colors and logo, you can provision access to the platform so your clients can conduct, manage, and track their own campaigns.

The benefits of using our white label solutions are many:

Produce results for your clients!

Text messaging is a very effective marketing medium with response rates that are already significantly higher than any other form of marketing including direct mail or email. SMS reaches consumers wherever they are in real time. As the penetration of smart phones increases rapidly, text message marketing will become an even more integral part of the marketing mix. Don’t let your clients get left behind.

Earn a recurring revenue stream!

Text message marketing just works. Your clients will get hooked on the results. Collect a steady stream of profits every month.

Powerful tools & tracking

Our feature rich tool set enables you or your clients to create multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Or you can empower your clients to easily update and alert their customers with the latest information. Track all activity with sophisticated reports and statistics. Dynamically updated customer profiles increase revenues for you and your client via more targeted marketing.

Become indispensable

TextLane engineers have been experts at building custom applications and performing complex integrations for over a decade. With our help, you can integrate our SMS platform into your client’s daily workflow through their CRM, accounting, contact management, and other ever present applications. Your brand and the powerful tools provided by you will only be a keystroke away in the programs your clients use every day!