SMS marketing is not only the fastest growing form of advertising it is the most effective. Your message is only a pocket or purse away from being read and read now!
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Communication Benefits

Text messaging as a communication medium is unparalleled for a variety of reasons beyond the mere fact that it penetrated the market beyond all other direct mediums. (see Industry Statistics: links to Overview).

Communicate with team members and customers on the move

Because almost everyone carries their cell phones with them, they can be reached even when they are on the move. This makes text messaging perfect for alerts, information updates, and other time sensitive communication. If you want to make sure your message is heard, there can be no better medium than SMS.

More effective communication

Text messaging is simply a more effective form of communication. Emails come by the dozens and aren’t easily read on a mobile unless one has a smart phone. Telephone can be disruptive and untimely. On the other hand, text messaging is immediate and engaging. Most individuals under the age of 44 read their text messages almost instantly. So if your message needs to be read, text messaging is the way to do it.

Automated communication

With sophisticated text messaging platforms, you can automate communication with team members, customers, and even targeted distribution lists. If you have regularly scheduled announcements or other informational updates, you no longer have to send these out yourself each and every time. You can use text messaging platforms to communicate for you!

Targeted communication

Text messaging allows you to create distribution lists for targeted communication. This increases the effectiveness of various communication types, including increasing marketing success, improving team collaboration, and ensuring groups that need critical information get it in a timely manner.

Personalize communication

SMS is a highly personal form of communication. The way text messages can be customized for targeted groups or individuals is shared only by email. By collecting data over time, organizations can get to know the habits of customers and employees, enabling more personalize messaging. As the communication becomes more personal, communication becomes more effective, eventually engendering loyalty.

Communication on the go

Just like text messaging makes it easier to communicate with team members and customers on the go, it also lets your organization communicate on the go. Mass text messages, even to targeted groups, can be sent from mobile phones via a web browser or email client.