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Text messaging has become one of the most pervasive means communication between family and friends. Text messaging has immediacy because almost everyone carries a mobile phone. It has intimacy because the majority of text messages are from friend and family. It is non-intrusive because it is short enough that most people look forward to rather than dread receiving a text message. All of these qualities make text messaging perfect as a communication and marketing medium.

275 million wireless subscribers in the USA as of Jun-09

More people have a mobile phone than have access to the Internet. Better yet, they carry their mobile phone wherever they go. With over 73% of new cell phone buyers citing text messaging as the most important feature of their phone

More text messages than calls

Mobile phone users 44 and under receive and make more texts than telephone calls. On average these subscribers send and receive about 357 texts to 204 calls in Q4 of 2009. That ratio is only increasing.

Smart phones increase the number of text messages

As of the second quarter of 2010, smart phone were only about 27% of the total cell phone market. At current growth rates, smart phones will be the majority sometime after the middle of 2011. Text messaging is already popular, but is still poised for explosive growth.

High open rates

On average, those who receive a text message open it over 90% of the time compared to approximately 20% for email. In fact, studies show that the average mobile user has their device within arm’s reach for up to 22 hours-a-day. People are addicted to their phones, increasing the probability that a text message will be read.

High response rates

As of Q4 of 2008, 33% of consumers recall responding to a mobile advertisement.

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