TextLane offers the most comprehensive array of SMS features in the industry, providing the marketing and campaign management tools to ensure you success!
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Analytics & Reporting

Customer profile & data collection

One of the basic tenets of business is “know your customer”. When it comes to marketing, the more you know about your customers, the more you can tailor your brand messaging to increase sales. We built TextLane with this in mind. Every recipient you text has a unique profile. As recipients interact with you via text messaging- by responding to promotions, contexts, and other mobile campaigns- TextLane is capturing that data in a unique profile. For example, if Jessica responded to the keyword CIRCLE instead of keyword LINE, her profile would display that. Or if she responded more to trivia instead of polls, her profile would display that. In this way, you can increase your targeting, reduce cost, and generate more sales!

Real-time message delivery stats & reports

A disadvantage of traditional marketing is that it is difficult to adjust a marketing campaign on the fly. Only after the campaign is finished can you analyze if the campaign was effective or not. If the campaign was a failure, it’s too late to recoup your costs. With TextLane the risk of running an ineffective campaign is greatly minimized. When you run a campaign, our service will display response stats in real-time. Many of our customers will run a campaign with a subset of their customers so that they can adjust on the fly depending on response rates. The ability to test and respond leads to a higher return on your marketing dollar!

Historical campaign reporting & comparison

TextLane stores the results for all your mobile campaigns and message blasts. Simple tools allow you to compare different campaigns by various variables. For example, you can compare all campaigns for the keyword CIRCLE to see how different distribution lists responded to that keyword. Or you can see if that keyword was more effective for males or females when running a coupon promotion. By comparing which campaigns worked the best, you get insight to improve your marketing for future campaigns.

Custom report development

If you want to generate a report not native to TextLane, just let us know. Our team will work with you to define the types of reports you need to be successful. From there, our engineers will custom build the report generation tools for you!