TextLane offers the most comprehensive array of SMS features in the industry, providing the marketing and campaign management tools to ensure you success!
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Campaign Management

Create & manage distribution lists

With TextLane, creating and managing distribution lists is easy and intuitive. The system tracks interaction with each customer, capturing that data in a unique recipient profile. By querying this information, you can create a distribution list on the fly. For example, you can query by recipients who had responded to the keyword LINES, in the 818 area code, who have responded to a sweepstakes promotion. TextLane will produce a list of phone numbers fitting the criteria. You can then send a bulk SMS blast or save the distribution list for later use. Through targeting of this nature, you can increase your sales!

Blacklist management

A number can be blacklisted for various reasons, including a stolen phone or misuse of the mobile device. When a number is blacklisted, it can’t be called or texted. TextLane offers automated blacklist management, scrubbing blacklisted numbers from your user database so you don’t waste money texting these numbers.

Opt-in/Opt-out management

TextLane provides automated opt-in and opt-out management. When a customer chooses to opt-out from list, that phone number will be automatically removed from any distribution lists you created.

Deactivated number management

TextLane will automatically remove deactivated numbers from any distribution lists that you have created.

Carrier resolution

Textlane works closely with the carriers to resolve any issues or problems with SMS delivery, relieving you of the headache of having to do so yourself.