TextLane offers the most comprehensive array of SMS features in the industry, providing the marketing and campaign management tools to ensure you success!
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Create & Send SMS

Bulk texting with personalization

Our bulk texting feature allows you to send text messages en masse to your customers. You can set up different distribution lists that can be sorted across various characteristics, for example gender, age or area code. Once the list is set up, is just takes a few clicks to send a text message to the members. You can also personalize the message so each recipient has personal information like their name included in the text. Bulk texting is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers. It is targeted, inexpensive, fosters loyalty, and best of all your message will be seen!

Two way SMS

With two way SMS, you can broadcast a message to your customers without the need for keywords. They just press reply, type their response, and their return message is routed to the appropriate destination. Two way SMS is perfect way to conduct marketing (contests, polls, coupons, and more) and to send alerts to customers that have already opted-in to receive messages from your organization.

Automated message scheduling

Our customers have the ability to set up distribution lists and to send pre-written text messages to the the recipients of these lists at specific scheduled times. This is a perfect way to automate information updates, contests, promotions, and other important messages. Text message writers are also freed up to compose the messages at times convenient to them. Just write the message and schedule TextLane to send at the time of choice!

Threaded text messaging

Threaded text messaging is a format in which text messages are displayed as a running conversation much like instant messages. If you send a new message to your customer, that customer will see a running history of all the recent messages that you sent. Threaded texts remind customers of the context of the conversation, leading to improved communication, customer loyalty, and more sales.

SMS to Email

When you send text messages to your customers, the SMS to Email feature enables you to receive replies right in your inbox. Our campaign management tools enable you to keep track of these replies for various activities, increasing the ease at which you segment and communicate with your customer base.

Email to SMS

By using our Email to SMS feature, you can send text messages from your email address. Once you have set up one or more distribution lists, you can send mass text messages with the ease of typing an email.

Text Alerts

Text alerts are the best way to inform customers, team members, or any target audience of the latest information about your product or service. Whether you are a marketer informing customers of the latest sale or a university informing students of a campus emergency, text message alerts work because they are sent right to mobile phones where chances are they will be read either immediately or in a short time frame.

  • Urgent information updates
  • Build your database
  • Ensure your message is received
  • Encourage team collaboration
  • Inform customers of promotions and sales
  • Build relationships with customers via offering valuable information

Interactive Text Response

With our interactive text response feature, you can build contextual marketing or information campaigns to better target your customers. For example, you can use interactive text response as a way to send the correct information to your customers. If they want to buy a computer, they can text a specific keyword for laptops or another keyword for desktops. Then they can text a specific keyword if they want 14 inch screen laptop or another keyword for a 16 inch screen laptop.