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Short Code & Keyword Management

Short codes

SMS short codes are special telephone numbers typically 4 to 6 digits long that are used exclusively for texting and not voice. When a person texts a message to a specific short code the message is sent to the owner of that short code. Short codes are used primarily by companies in their mobile marketing campaigns. For example, you can include your short code in a billboard advertisement to attract consumers to sign up for your text club. By texting a keyword to your short code, the consumer may sign up for your text club so that you can text them directly in the future. In this way, you encourage interaction, two-way communication, and loyalty from your customers.

Dedicated short codes

Dedicated short codes are codes used exclusively by one organization for their own marketing campaigns. Dedicated short codes can either be random short codes or vanity short codes. Random short codes are composed of random numbers, where as vanity short codes may be chosen by the organization.

Shared short codes

You don’t have to use your own dedicated short code. You can share the use of a TextLane short code. Through the use of different keywords, multiple businesses can share the same short code. Here is how it works- with our short code XXXXX, you can rent the keyword LINES and another of our clients can rent the word CIRCLE. When you run a marketing campaign, you will tell consumers to text the word LINES to the short code XXXXX. All returns texts, opt-ins, and other responses using the word LINES will be sent to your organization in the designated manner, either via email or into your TextLane inbox. Using shared short codes is a quick and inexpensive alternative to getting your own dedicated short code. You can start marketing to mobile consumers today!

Keyword management & self service

TextLane provides self-service features that allow you to reserve and manage keywords on our short codes for your exclusive mobile campaigns. Use our campaign management tools to segment your campaigns and to track the effectiveness of all your keywords. It’s easy and intuitive.

Mobile carrier connectivity

All marketing campaigns using short codes must be approved by the carriers. TextLane will first help you construct a campaign acceptable to the carriers and will then manage the approval process so you don’t have to!